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 Gaming world listed stats

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PostSubject: Gaming world listed stats   Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:27 pm

Title A Carpathian Nightmare V2
Author Created By Milliorn, Hosted/Editing/Scripting By Dodgy
Submitted / Updated 01-29-2008 / 01-20-2010
Category Epic
Patch Version NWN-1.69
Number Players up to 38
Length 100+ hrs with quest. (Quest are optional)
Scope Epic
Hack & Slash Heavy
Classes All Classes.
Some Feats disabled see website/forum for more information.
Tricks & Traps Light
Level Range 1-40
Plus 20 Legendary Levels
Magic Level Moderate to High
Schedule Persistant World
Treasure Rich
Number Servers 1
DM Needed No DM Required
Alignments Unique Guild System in Place!
Experience Rewards Moderate to High
Races 70 + Subraces available
PVP Party PvP
Vault Type Server
Death Upon death you can wait for aid, or respawn. Respawn leaves grave an bag of xp an gp. Despawns in 15 minutes. Gives chance to earn all back.
Connection 10 Mbps
House rules Yes, listed in journal and on entry to module.
Content guide Everyone
Player Requirements None
RolePlay Light
Content Guide Everyone
Forums Link
170+ areas to explore.
70+ Subraces
Legendary Levels(60)
GP/XP Item Bank
PC Rebuilder
Unique Market system
Party Loot Splitter/Destroyer Tool
Omega Forge
Bounty System an Jail
Unique Boss Encounters
Special XP Reward for Rogues with Lock
Picketing Boss Treasure
Bindstones an Party Portal
Mass Dislike Wand an Emote Wand
Total PC Appearance Modifier
Full Crafting Shop
Pk Score System
Dynamic Arena(NoDMRequired)
Sequener Wands(FastBuffing)
Sim tools
Max Hit Points
Character Deleter
Unique Guild System
Server up 24/7 with reset(down only for a min) every 4 hours to keep lag down!

The module was built an programmed by Milliorn, with the maps being built with help from Sarah Milliorn. CURRENTLY under hosting/development of Dodgy

Does require cep
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Gaming world listed stats
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